Harnessing the Power of Solar

Our expertise centres around the design, installation, operation and maintenance of large scale commercial solar projects.  We can help generate clean energy that saves you money, enhances energy security and future-proofs your business.

Our solar team can create, plan, construct, and finance solar systems of various sizes, whether it be commercial rooftops, solar carports, or large-scale ground-mounted solar farms. Our electrical engineering expertise in combining solar and battery storage ensures you have chosen the ideal partner to help secure your low-carbon energy infrastructure goals, while also reducing energy costs and creating a stable cash flow for your business.


From preliminary meetings we can establish the physical and financial feasibility of your proposed project.  We can scope sites and advise on the likely financial returns and the technology requirements before work begins.

Design & Installation

We can design the best solar PV system to meet your project demands that will generate the right power in the most appropriate location whether that be roof mounted or ground-mounted.  For ground mounted structures we can also guide you on the planning requirements.


Robust and resilient our solar systems have a significant lifespan and although they are low maintenance annual inspections and cleaning are required to ensure their ongoing performance. 

We also provide maintenance services for established solar systems.

Expertise You Can Trust

By choosing to work with us you don’t have to bring in any additional services.   Our team of designers, engineers and technologists are skilled to carry out every aspect of your requirements with guaranteed performance and you only have to have one point of contact. Simple.