We Install Battery Storage Plants

Battery energy storage is crucial in our transition to a more innovative renewable energy sector as well as responding to the urgent need to improve energy security and gird resilience.

Creating self-generated energy, battery storage designed and tailored to your needs, offers flexibility and control over your energy consumption with less reliance on the National Grid.

We work closely with Sungrow, a global leader in providing clean power BESS technology and other major suppliers of energy storage systems.  We therefore have access to the very latest BESS and Balance of Plant technologies and products that can be adapted for any project size, but most importantly we can deliver to lead times.

Planning, Designing and Constructing Solar Energy Projects

Generating electricity using solar technology is a quick and efficient way to lowering business operating power expenses, enhancing energy security, supporting net zero ambitions and establishing a more resilient National Grid power network.

The advantages of this technology, including the ability to provide a flexible supply, guaranteeing your future power prices whilst offering potential revenue, and decreasing your carbon footprint, are becoming increasingly appealing to companies.

Civil Engineering Services

Our team of highly skilled inhouse civil engineers are able to provide valuable input to a project when required.   This integrated resource provides added comfort to clients enabling efficient and speedy decision making.