Innovative Turnkey Solutions for Grid Infrastructure Projects

Advance Grid Solutions is a tier-one contractor offering a turnkey operation that includes comprehensive Civil, ICP, and Electrical Balance of Plant services for UK developers and assets owners.

As trusted delivery partners, we specialise in Project Design & Delivery, Infrastructure & Construction, providing end-to-end management from mobilisation and construction to energisation and handover.  Our skilled team of commissioning engineers and HV SAPs ensure a seamless interface between network operators and equipment vendors.

Our capability extends to large-scale renewable energy projects powered by Megawatt Battery Energy Storage and Solar systems.

We have unrivalled expertise in providing transmission connections to the Grid including  distribution and transmission voltage level,  with an ICP (independent Connection Provider) capability up to 132kV.

For too long our industry has been hampered by traditional models of project delivery creating unnecessary complexity leading to extended project delays and increased projects costs, not to mention the increased risk.

By providing a turnkey package we simplify project delivery, minimise risk and deliver exceptional results in an ever-changing complex environment.

Real-Time Value Management

Our clients receive real-time value management from project conception which immediately manages the risk from the unseen interfaces that complex projects often generate.

We guarantee a tailored service, ensuring excellence in project management, as well as electrical and civil engineering services that not only minimises any unseen risk but also cost overruns, whilst ensuring your business objectives are met.

We collaborate and actively communicate with clients throughout a project providing complete transparency and appoint a single point of contact within the team to deliver an efficient and seamless service.

Specialists Engineers

Our team, who have over twenty years tier one multi-discipline experience, oversee every process step, from the initial design idea including the deal structure, identifying complexities and acquiring necessary planning consents through to the build, installation, operation and maintenance of the project.

Our service ensures the successful development and delivery of as-built design, construction, financing, and therefore the timely delivery of your projects.

Unlike other providers our team of inhouse engineers are truly specialist providing expertise civil engineering as well as electrical engineering, skilled in turnkey substation delivery from 11kV to 400kV.